Hi, I'm Thea!

Hi everyone I’m Thea!! If you could see me right now, I would be licking your face and wagging my tail like crazy! I am just about a year old, weigh about 45lbs and I am a black lab mix. Now to the fun stuff, I love to fetch but sometimes I get too excited and I forget to bring the toy back, so it is good to have a couple extra on hand. I have a lot of energy that comes in bursts, but when i start to get sleepy, I just wanna cuddle. I know basic commands like sit and shake and I am learning to walk on a leash! I am potty trained and do not mind going in my crate at night or midday for a nap. I get along really well with others but I do not know what a cat is yet. I am a typical puppy with a big heart and a sweet face and I would love it if you adopted me!

​Valley Hills Animal Rescue
Springfield, MO 65802

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