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Black Dog

Our Adoption Process

We're glad to see that you're considering adopting a new best friend.

​At Valley Hills Animal Rescue, we believe that the best of friends have fur and four paws!

​When considering adoption, we ask everyone to fill out an adoption application.

​Once the form has been processed, we will contact you with the next steps. 

​We like to see our animals go to a home for a trial period, to ensure the perfect fit for you, your family and the animals. 

Our adoption fees are as follows:
​Most Dogs: $150 minimum donation
Cats: $75 minimum donation

The donations we receive are used for the following necessities in caring for the animals:
Any medical treatments that may be required to allow for adoption including but not limited to:
​Food & Shelter

​Disclaimer: Some animals will require a larger minimum donation due to medical treatments and other extenuating circumstances. 

Caressing a Cat

If you are adopting, fostering to adopt, or fostering please fill out the application and email it back to  It can take a few days to process your application, so please be patient. We are excited that you are interested in adopting from us! 

Visits by appointment only!

please do not come to the rescue without an appointment.

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