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Be a hero to a homeless pet.
By providing a short-term foster home you can be a long-term lifesaver.

What does it mean to foster a pet from Valley Hills Animal Rescue?
To foster means to open your home temporarily to a pet (or pets) and provide love and care while they wait to be adopted.  Valley Hills Animal Rescue provides everything else: support, medical care, food and supplies. As we prepare for more dogs to arrive into our program, we are looking for more foster homes for dogs. By providing a foster home, you'll give a dog the love and safety she needs to find a forever home. Fostering is easy, too. We'll match you up with a foster dog who fits your schedule and lifestyle, and we'll make sure you have everything you need to care for your temporary houseguest.​​

What animals at the rescue typically need foster care?
Several types of adoptable or soon-to-be adoptable rescue pets need foster care for different reasons. Here are some common examples:

  • Kittens 

  • Adult cats 

  • Puppies 

  • Adult dogs

  • Dogs and cats with special medical care needs or behavioral challenges

Why foster?
Fostering helps prepare homeless pets for adoption and sets them up for success in their new homes. And as a bonus, you get to share your home with an adorable bundle of love and fuzz!

Fostering also might give you the opportunity to provide healing care for a sick pet, or to offer comfort during a senior pet’s final days.


​​Be a hero and sign up
to Foster today!

Download and fill out our volunteer form by hand, then simply mail or email it in!


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